Purchasing a Home is One of Life’s Most Important Financial Decisions

Whether you are making a quality of life move, buying an investment property or relocating, we are your full-service real estate agents. We will share our perspective on Denver’s finest neighborhoods, and advise you in your search toward finding the best investment that suits your needs. We will interpret the market for you and navigate you through the home buying process.

You are among the 92% of people who use the internet when researching real estate. It is an easy way to peel back the first layer of searching. Most available properties are online, but you may not know that real estate brokers have access to newly-listed properties the day before they hit public websites like and Viewing a home with a professional who has market knowledge of the neighborhood is an experience that cannot be had on the computer. So when you are ready to begin the next phase of your search, please be in touch. It is quite possible we can find your dream home when the search engine could not.

What Home Buyers Can Expect

As your Buyer’s Agents, we will work and negotiate solely on your behalf. We will be your advocate and we will promote your interests with the utmost faith, loyalty and fidelity.

We will put you in contact with a trustworthy lender to discuss your financial situation and to obtain a pre-qualification letter for a mortgage. You need to know how much you can spend before you spend it! You will receive a complete estimate of expected closing costs based on the mortgage you choose.

We will meet with you to review your housing needs and ideal price range. We will be your advisor when evaluating neighborhoods and properties. We will provide you with all listings that meet your requirements for features, affordability and location and make appointments for you to see all homes of interest. Once you have found the perfect property, we will provide statistics about neighborhood real estate values, taxes and utility costs to allow you to make an informed decision.

We will prepare your offer according to your directives, explain real estate procedures common to Denver, and deliver your contract to the Listing Broker for consideration. After a contract has been accepted, we will help you arrange for a trustworthy home inspector and guide you through the contract process in order to meet deadlines and conditions. We will stay in touch with you from the first day of your search through the day you settle into your home. And our service will not stop at closing.

Whether you’re making a quality of life move, buying an investment property or relocating, we are your full-service real estate agents.

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